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House Key | Washington State's Down Payment Assistance Programs


 ZERO DOWN - House Key State Bond Program

Washington's House Key State Bond | Home Buyer Programs

Washington State Housing Finance Commission Homeownership Programs help low- and moderate-income first-time homebuyers purchase their first home.

House Key Plus | Down Payment & Closing Cost Assistance

House Key Down Payment Assistance Program for Zero Down

These programs provide assistance for the down payment and closing costs when purchasing your home. These programs can only be used with the House Key State Bond first mortgage program.

A loan program that provides down payment and closing cost assistance in the form of a second mortgage for qualified borrowers. This second mortgage provides up to $10,000 statewide and is based on need.

HomeChoice | Assistance for Persons with Disabilities

A loan program that provides down payment and closing cost assistance for low- to moderate-income applicants who have a disability or a family member with a disability living with them and who qualify for a House Key State Bond conventional first mortgage using HomeChoice guidelines. The maximum amount of funds available is $15,000 and can be used for down payment, closing costs,or accessibility improvements.

Washington State's House Key Veterans Program

A down payment assistance second mortgage program with a 3.00% interest rate and a ten-year loan term for Veterans who have served our country.

Who is Eligible:

  • Persons receiving an honorable discharge or who have received a discharge for medical reasons with an honorable record; members and honorably discharged former members of the Washington National Guard and Reserve; and never remarried spouses and dependent children of deceased Veterans.
  • Borrowers must be first-time homebuyers or buying in a targeted area.
  • Borrowers must meet the acquisition cost and income limits for the House Key Program first mortgage. 
  • The first mortgage must be a VA, FHA House Key Loan, House Key Teacher, MyCommunityMortgage, MyCommunityMortgage 40 year, MyCommunityMortgage Interest Only, Freddie Mac Home Possible 100, or Freddie Mac Home Possible 97.

Washington State's House Key State Bond Program Features
  • A below-market interest rate for Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Veteran’s Administration (VA), Rural Housing Services (RHS), or Conventional loans. Please check our website or a participating lender for the current interest rate.
  • A 30-year and 40-year fixed-rate mortgage or interest only mortgage.

One-on-one counseling is required.

  1. You must first attend a FREE Commission-sponsored Homebuyer Education seminar providing you with the steps to buying your first home. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the class, valid for two years. This will be a requirement of your loan process.
  2. Contact a Commission-trained loan officer to see what you will qualify for. They can find the right loan type that will work with our programs. They also know the income and acquisition cost limits we require.
  3. Once you know how much you qualify for, it is time to look for a home. Your lender and real estate professional will work with you to locate and finance a home of your own.

 * All programs subject to loan and income limitations, call for Details.


                Call The Trey Affolter Team @ 253-222-6000

                to learn more and to take advantage of the Washington State's House Key Programs!


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